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5 Months Internship Programme

TEFL graduates who would like to teach but do not have the relevant experience and usually, do not have a Bachelor’s degree. This programme will allow them to experience what teaching is like in China and provide them with opportunities and teaching experience.


1) Native English Speaker (Non-native English Speaker with good accent is acceptable).
2) At least High School Degree or Above.
3) No Experience Required.

Internship Programme Rules

There are a couple of things they need to keep in mind while on the internship.

Internship Schedule

Schedule: School Placement

1) Interns state an interest for one of the schools that are present during the mock lesson.
2) The interns attend an interview at the school.
3) The interns have a 1-month ‘probation’ period at the school and they can decide to switch schools following the probation period if desired.
4) Interns are content with their school.

Schedule: Internship

1) Interns are now satisfied to teach in their current school.
2) A representative from our company will visit the school to make sure everything is fine there.
3) Once a month (on the 10th of each month), interns will visit our company to provide feedback and receive their allowances of: Living 3300RMB and Utility 200RMB.
4) Whatever difficulties the trainees may have, Shanghai Meiji will always be on hand to help.
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