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5+Placement Programme

This programme is designed for TEFL graduates who want to teach but do not have relevant experience and usually holds a Bachelor’s degree. They would like to stay in China for longer but requires more initial guidance and support. After being a trainee for 5 months, teachers will receive employment. They will gain practical teaching experience to prepare them for the 12 months placement.


1) Native English Speaker (Non-native English Speaker with good accent is acceptable).
2) TEFL/TESOL certificate (120-hour Course).
3) At Least a Bachelor’s Degree.
4) No Experience Required.

5+placement Programme Rules

There are a couple of things they need to keep in mind while on the 5+Placement programme.

Programme Schedule

Schedule: School Placement

1) Trainees state an interest for one of the schools that are present during the mock lesson.
2) Trainees attend an interview at the school.
3) Trainees have a 1-month ‘probation’ period at the school and may switch schools following the probation period if desired.
4) Trainees are content with their school.

Schedule: 5+Placement

1) Trainees are now satisfied teaching at their current school.
2) A representative from our company visits the school regularly to ensure everything is fine.
3) Once a month (on the 10th of each month), trainees will visit our company to provide feedback and receive their allowances of: Living 3300RMB and Utility 200RMB.
4) After the 5 month Trainee programme, the trainee will receive a salary between 10,000 - 20,000RMB directly from your school.
5) Whatever difficulties the trainees may have, Shanghai Meiji will always be on hand to help.
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