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20th of April 2016

Shanghai Meiji's most anticipated Job Fair event held on 20th of April 2016

19th of Jan 2016

Shanghai Meiji hosted their 6th Successful Job Fair Event

Shanghai Meiji Events in the United Kingdom
21st October-21st November 2015

We held presentations, talks and joined networking events at 7 different universities in the UK!

The Fifth Job Fair
24th August 2015

Our fifth job fair was held at Jiaotong University on Monday 24th August 2015. Thank you for the who came and we hope this event provided plenty of opportunities for both the schools and teachers.

The Fourth Job Fair
19th June 2015

Our fourth job fair was at Jiaotong University Easy Coffee and Tea on Friday 19th June 2015. This was a very successful event and we had over 16 teachers and 14 schools attend our 4th Job Fair.

Badminton Event
2nd of August 2016

Badminton Event hosted by Shanghai Meiji for their Program Teachers

International Division School Job Fair
28th May 2015

We had a successful joint event with a High School's International Division. We invited over 20 highly qualified teachers to this event!

The Third Job Fair
30th March 2015

Held at Jiaotong University, we would like to express our gratitude to Abacare and Oxford University Press for attending our Job Fair.

The Second Job Fair
8th January 2015

We invited over 40 guests to our second successful Job Fair that help many candidates seek new opportunities. Oxford University Press and many more organisations attended this event.

The First Job Fair
18th November 2014

Held at Jiaotong University, we invited over 30+ attendees to our first ever Job Fair that help many candidates find new opportunities.

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