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Teacher Programme

This programme is designed for teachers who are TEFL qualified and have obtained a Bachelor’s degree. They are confident about teaching and living independently in China.


1) Native English Speaker.
2) TEFL/TESOL certificate (120-hour Course).
3) At least a Bachelor’s Degree.
4) At least 2 Years Work Experience.

Life in Shanghai

Shanghai is the biggest city in China by population (over 23 million). The city is divided into two parts by the Huangpu river -- The historical Puxi district (The West Bank), and the financial business Pudong district (The East Bank). Puxi houses more unique characteristics of the city, whereas Pudong is much more modern and business orientated.


Schedule: School Placement

1) The teacher has a first interview with our company.
2) The teacher has Skype interviews with 1 to 3 schools.
3) The school states an interest for one of the teachers, and a 1 year contract is offered.
4) After the teacher signs the contract with the school, the school prepares the visa.
5) Arriving into China, our company representatives will accompany you to the school.
6) The teacher is content with their school.

Schedule: Teaching

1) The teacher is satisfied teaching in their current school.
2) A representative from Shanghai Meiji will confirm with the teacher and the school to ensure that everything is going well.
3) Once a month depending on the date listed in your contract, you will visit the school in order to receive the salary distributed directly from them.
4) If any issues arise, please feel free to contact Shanghai Meiji and discuss with us at any time.

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