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    We have four teaching programmes
    Each are designed for different TEFL teachers to suit their needs.
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About Us

  • Shanghai Meiji Culture Communications Co.,Ltd (SMCC)

    Shanghai Meiji is one of the biggest human resource centres for foreigners in Shanghai, China. We specialize in assisting foreign teachers and interns to come and establish a teaching career here in China.


    With its headquarters in Shanghai, one of the world’s most influential cities for economical growth, culture and education, Shanghai Meiji attracts talents from all around the world.

  • Strengths

    With more than eight years of experience in human resource management, Shanghai Meiji is an expert in the management of foreign teachers, recruitment, teaching training, placement, providing educational internships in China, orientation in China, teaching in China, and homestay in China.


    Working together with many top U.K. TEFL Centres, overseas schools, and human resources companies, SMCC attracts hundreds of interns to Shanghai each month. SMCC provides an arrangement of professional services for its teachers and interns, including the airport pickup, Visa service, retrieval of a temporary residence permit, recommendations for teaching positions, preparations for school introductions, intensive Chinese language courses, and online TEFL or TESOL learning courses.

  • Shanghai Meiji Culture Communications Co.,Ltd (SMCC)

    Shanghai Meiji is one of the biggest human resource centres for foreigners in Shanghai, China. We specialize in assisting foreign teachers and interns in pursuing their teaching career in China.


    With its headquarters in Shanghai, one of the world’s most influential cities for economical growth, culture and education, Shanghai Meiji attracts talents from all around the world.

Latest News

  • Our Sixth Job Fair

    Held at Shanghai Jiaotong University, we held our sixth job fair with multiple schools and teachers attending!

  • Our UK Events

    We visited 7 different universities across the United Kingdom, including Southampton Solent, Plymouth, Bristol, Edingburgh, Edinburgh Napier, Sheffield and Kent Universities!

  • Our Fifth Job Fair

    On the 5th of August, Shanghai Meiji hosted our 5th School and Teachers Job Fair at Shanghai Jiaotong University. Thank you to everyone who attended and we look forward to your future participation!.

  • Our Fourth Job Fair

    On 19th of June, Shanghai Meiji hosted our 4th School and Teachers Job Fair at Shanghai Jiaotong University. This was a very successful event as we linked over 16 qualified teachers with 14 well-known schools located in Shanghai.

  • Our Third Job Fair

    On 30th of March, Shanghai Meiji Hosted the 3rd School and Teachers Job Fair at Jiaotong University. We would like to express our gratitude to Abacare and Oxford University Press for attending our Job Fair. At this event, we invited TED Guest Speaker Adrian Cahill. With poor weather that affected the day, attendance was limited but we certainly look forward to our next event!

  • Our Second Job Fair

    Shanghai Meiji Schools and Teachers Job Fair was held on the 8th of January 2015. We invited over 40 attendees to our successful Job Fair that help many candidates seek new opportunities. Oxford University Press and many more organisations attended this event. Please keep posted for the next Schools and Teachers Job Fair, which will be bigger and better than ever!

  • Our First Job Fair

    Shanghai Meiji's First Schools and Teachers Job Fair was held on the 18th of November 2014 at Jiaotong University. We invited over 30+ attendees to our first ever Job Fair that help many candidates find new opportunities. We would like to thank all the teachers and schools that attended.


TEC Programmes

Teaching Experience in China Programmes
We have four teaching programmes that are designed for TEFL teachers with different requirements.

5 Months Internship Programme

TEFL graduates who would like to teach but do not have the relevant experience and, in many cases, do not have a Bachelor’s degree. This programme will allow them to experience what teaching is like in China and provide them with opportunities and teaching experience.

5+ Placement Programme

This programme is designed for TEFL graduates who want to teach but do not have relevant experience and, in many cases, do not have a Bachelor’s degree. They would like to stay in China longer but need more initial guidance and support. After the 5 months internship, we will assist teachers in seeking employment. They will gain practical teaching experience to prepare them for the 12 months placement.

5+7 Placement Programme

This program is targeted to those graduates with 2 years working experience including a 5 months internship and 7 months follow on official work at a school in China. While on the internship and teaching program, you will gain practical teaching experience to prepare you for the 7 months official work.

Teacher Programme

This programme is designed for teachers who are TEFL qualified and have obtained a Bachelor’s degree. They must be confident about teaching and living independently in China.



To help potential and current organisations fully understand, the TEC (Teaching Experience in China) programme is a programme that allows new interns and teachers to smoothly transition life into Shanghai - allowing them to adapt to a new vibrant culture and surrounding.

TEC (Teaching Experience in China)

Orientation week – A week devoted to getting interns trained and comfortable in Shanghai. Practical experience – The rest of the internship is spent on gaining practical teaching experience and networking.


The main point of this programme is to help teachers become fully qualified TEFL teachers after receiving training during the orientation week. They will be assigned to a school placement and gain 5 months teaching experience.


There are hundreds of activities and different cultures to experience in Shanghai. Although new interns and teachers may be living in a foreign country for the first time, this will accelerate their language learning and cultural appreciation.


Though Shanghai can allow foreigners to live a fairly westernised life, they can also truly experience the authentic China here. It is easy to find traditional restaurants, Tai Chi classes and even people playing Chinese chess in parks.

Our Partners

Shanghai Meiji cooperates with over 100 world or national class schools throughout Shanghai and across China.

Our Services

The Services we provide

Shanghai Meiji provides many services to interns and teachers:

  • Job Placement
  • Visa Service
  • TEFL Course
  • TEC Programmes

Our Clients

Shanghai Meiji has placed hundreds of English teachers in positions all over China. We provide as much support needed to teachers and interns, answering questions quickly and honestly and place teachers into the jobs they want. We have thus received countless tesimonials and here are what some of our teachers have had to say...

  • From the moment I had my interview, I could tell I was working with like-minded people who were focused on finding a place for me to teach English. Not only were they thorough in their interviewing me, but they also placed me at a center which was so welcoming, high-spirited, and filled with people who were dedicated to fulfilling their duties. The hiring process overall was extremely well-rounded and I could not be happier with the result!

    George W
    Kindergarten Teacher

    I was looking for a job and I found Shanghai Meiji which in turn called me and found me a job in a very short period of time. I want to point out that among their staff, Jason and Amy are very professional, friendly, quick responders, problem solvers and helped me make my transition towards the new job extremely easy. This agency seems to be very customer orientated and provided fast and reliable services. I would recommend anyone looking for a job or any listing to give them a try.

    Mihai B
    Training Centre Teacher
  • Thanks to the wonderful people at Shanghai Meiji my first steps in China had been smooth and stressless. No questions left unanswered, and no requests ignored. Fast and effective service with a friendly approach and total devotion. Thank you guys.

    Andrzej S
    Training Centre Teacher

    Professional, efficient and highly recommended, Jason Man and Amy Cao at Shanghai Meiji provided me with the finest resources available, ultimately resulting in a timely job offer that exceeded my original expectations.

    Foreign Teacher
  • I have been collaborating with Shanghai Meiji not for a long time. However, I absolutely satisfied with their work. I moved to Shanghai six months ago and immediately started to looking for a job. This agency was advised me by one of my friends, who insisted upon sending my CV. And how I was surprised when they replied me next morning and Jason invited me for an interview. In one day they found for me the most suitable option, just near my home. I am happy to advise everyone to Shanghai Meiji!

    Foreign Teacher

    Jason and his team showed great efficiency and care during the interview process and the continued follow up, which is much appreciated. There are inevitable communication challenges in China which they dealt with professionalism. I would highly recommend them to new teachers in China. Thanks again!

    Foreign Teacher
  • Part of the reason my family and I came to Shanghai was to seek new opportunities. I quickly realized that teaching was a good option for me. Being a member of LinkedIn would have me be introduced to Jason. Once I saw some of the jobs that Shanghai Meiji was promoting, I knew I had found a company that could probably help me. One job in particular stood out to me ended up being the one that I accepted. I would highly recommend this company to any foreigner looking for a job, because, they respect you, and have your best interest at heart.

    Foreign Teacher

    If you want to teach English in China, then please consider using Shanghai Meiji with your application. It was all done for me and I landed an amazing teaching position in Shanghai

    Peter B
    Training Centre teacher
  • One month after my arrival to Shanghai I found an opened Art Teaching Position at Jincai Shanghai International Division, all thanks to Teach Job China. Their agency invited me to the Shanghai Meiji Teachers and Schools Job Fair where I presented myself to the people of Jincai. Today I am sharing my knowledge with students, and also enjoy working in my field of interest which I was schooled for.

    Foreign Teacher

    Thanks Shanghai Meiji company for their help in finding a good job opportunity for me in a very short period of time, it was a pleasure to cooperate with their professional team! A Special thanks to Amy & Jason!

    Training Centre teacher
  • Though I didn’t have a chance to attend the Shanghai Meiji Job Fair, I was elated to send in my video as I saw this as a great chance for exposure. I saw this as an opportunity, a chance, and an attempt to put myself out there and reap whatever benefits may come from self-promotion. I’m looking forward to hearing back from potential employers with whom I can share my talents and expertise.

    Foreign Teacher

    I could not even expect how fast this agency will assist me in finding a good job in Shanghai. From the fist day of my applications I have been called to job interview. The staff are real professionals, very friendly, responsive and,what is very helpful, they are really experienced and understand immediately what kind of job you are looking for. Thank you so much for your help! Especially, I would like to thank Caterine, for hard work and friendly attitude. I wish everyone who is looking for English teaching job in Shanghai to find an excellent option in this company!

    Foreign Teacher

Latest Jobs

  • 1July 2017

    Language Learning Centre Positions

    By Shanghai Meiji /Categories /Training Centre

    We have updated our newly compiled jobs available at our partnered language learning centres!

    01July 2017

    Latest Kindergarten Positions

    By Shanghai Meiji /Categories /Kindergarten

    Here is our latest compiled list of Kindergarten positions available!

  • 01July 2017

    Pudong International School Position

    By Shanghai Meiji /Categories /Middle & High Scools

    One International School in Shanghai, Pudong is looking for an outstanding Teacher of Early Years to inspire, challenge and support our students to enjoy the best possible learning experiences each and every day.

    01July 2017

    Kindergarten Teacher Position in Shanghai

    By Shanghai Meiji /Categories /Kindergarten

    Kindergarten looking for a Native English Teacher. Competitive salary depends on qualifications & experience. Work Visa sponsored by the school. Flight Allowance CNY 5000 recieved at the end of the contract.

What Partnered Schools do we have?

Kindergarten Institutions located in Shanghai and Across China:

Many of our partnered institutions are international kindergartens. These schools are in high demand of mainly native English speakers. China has a growing interest in foreign education, and many Chinese parents are seeking to send their children to international kindergartens to give them an early advantage.

Middle and High Schools located in Shanghai and around China:

International middle and high schools are in huge demand in China, and therefore so are foreign teachers. With China becoming more prosperous, parents are increasingly sending their children to international middle and high schools that prepare their child with a unique set of skills and experiences for them to enter into the real working world or into further education.

Training Centres & Language Learning Centres located in Shanghai and across China:

As China is becoming increasingly open in terms of its economy and business, people are seeking to expand their businesses abroad. More than ever, more and more people are looking to study English both after school and in their free time, to provide them with the skills to communicate with the world's universal language, English. More and more training centres are now looking for qualified English language instructors to develop their students.

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